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Wedding Videographers Pasco CountyOur wedding videographers of Pasco & Hernando Counties Gallery includes highlights from Saxon Manor, White Barn, Stonebridge Events Lange Farm, Barrington Hills, Heritage Springs Country Club, and more.   View the full video on our Long Version video page.  In our blog below we will share our experience of filming weddings in this scenic county just north of Tampa.

Our wedding videographers Pasco tour starts at Lange Farm in Dade City.  This venue has several locations for the ceremony and all are unique.  There are two locations behind the Garden House for the ceremony, one, inside the rock wall on the grass and the other outside the rock wall near the iron gazebo.  On the front side of the Garden House are also two different options for ceremonies, another  iron gazebo and a big oak tree.  We love the big oak tree, although a little walk from the Garden House, is close to the white country fencing that line the property.  There are two options for receptions.  The Garden House for larger weddings, has an elegant chandelier, not what one would expect at a farm venue.  The Antique Barn is great for outdoor receptions, with white mini lights overhead, creates an intimate glow for evening weddings.  We have filmed over 20 weddings here, so if you have any questions we can probably give you some good advice.

Saba005Barrington Hills Farm, is very conveniently located in Dade City,  although a little further up north from Tampa,  it sits right off I-75 in Pasco County near CR 41, so a very convenient location.  Upon entering Barrington Hills, the first thing you notice is the White Southern Plantation House which sits on a hill, looks like the movie set from “Gone with the Wind”. On a beach wedding there is the sand, the ocean, maybe a sea oat blowing in the wind;  however at Barrington Hills & Lange Farm, there is so much more to work with, so much to be creative with. Green is a great color for a photography background, because it will make your colors “pop”. The contrast is richer, than it is with just an open sky or white sand, or even a blue ocean. Saba026 Many times, we will be shooting on a beach wedding in the middle of the day, when the sun is very bright, and the bride will say she wants pictures with the ocean in the background, and we have to inform her, that it is too bright right now for that.  We have to explain that it would be better to shoot where we have something other than open sky in the background, because the backlighting is too strong. On a Country Wedding, however, we do not have that issue. Saba025We can shoot in the middle of the day, and with trees or rolling hills in the background, the backlighting is not as nearly intense, and as a result, there is more contrast with the colors of the wedding.   There is also the comfort issue with your guests in summer.  At Barrington Hills Farm you have trees to provide shade, whereas on a beach, you cannot hide from that direct sunlight.  At Barrington Hills there is so much variety, as well as the valley of bright green grass, there are bales of hay, Farm Fencing, horses, big sprawling Oak Trees, dirt roads, and a swing, which all make for a textured background.  On this wedding, the staff offered to provide a horse for the bride, but the bride wanted to start the reception at that point, so declined to get shots on the horse.  At Barrington Hills, you can go right into the horse stable, so you get more contact with the horses than you do at the other farm wedding venues.

Further north in Brooksville is the White Barn (video at top of page).  The White Barn is located about 45 minutes north of Tampa, close to the Pasco – Hernando County border. We have shot a few wedding with still photography at this beautiful venue so was excited to finally be able to shoot video here. It is a very convenient venue with everything on property you need for great photography and video with a rustic background. Ideal for a Christian Wedding having a 15 foot cross at top of paved ceremony site with antique church pews. As you see on one of the opening drone shots, they have bride and grooms initials monogrammed on the country fence (0:37). It made a great shot with the drone following the fence right into the bride and groom next to their initials. The actual barn is great being open area as you see the shot of the first dance with the natural greenery in the background (5:04). There will be more impressive shots like this when we post the regular highlight video. The staff is extremely nice, very family oriented, taking care of all the brides wishes. They as well as their DJ, Mike, do a great job of keeping everything on time, and communicating with all the vendors. For more information on having a wedding at The White Barn see

Wedding Videographers at Lange FarmAt Lange Farm, you get a sunset peaking through the moss on the oak trees,  when you face the west.  Laurel Wood Gardens and Barrington Hills Farm you get some spectacular sunsets with the rolling hills and trees off in the distance.  The trees provides a nice distant silhouette feature, as the sun goes down. We also love the string white lights that both The Lange Farm Antique Barn, and Barrington Hills Farm have. They provide the perfect amount of lighting, when using the right low light lenses. It makes the atmosphere very intimate, perfect for a reception. Barrington Hills also is prepared for inclement weather, as they have a good size covered room, which is underneath the Plantation Style House. They will have dinner tables set up inside for dinner, and then the dancing takes place outside under the string lights.   Barrington Hills Farm, will have a bon fire for guests to roast marshmallows, “how cool is that”.

One of our favorite Pasco wedding locations is Heritage Springs Country Club in Trinity, near New Port Richey, Florida.  The antique wooden bridge with a Lake Waterfall provides great backgrounds for wedding photography.   The bridge sits right next to a dense area of tall trees that provide plenty of shade, which is important for taking pictures in the middle of the day.    Heritage Springs also has a gazebo further out on the golf course.  Michelle and staff at Heritage Springs take care of every detail, very good to work with.

This concludes our wedding videographers Pasco, Hernando County Tour, if you have any questions about these venues or any other venues in Brooksville, Dade City or New Port Richey, please feel free to contact us.

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