DJ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do your DJs Dress?

Our DJs are usually dressed in a Tux, except for beach weddings

2. Can we control the Music?

You are the boss and we will do whatever you want. We will advise you from our years of experience, and suggest that you give the DJ some flexibility if your goal is to get people on the dance floor. Our DJs are experienced and know how to get different crowds on the dance floor and if there are too many restrictions on the music, it can impede that process, but you have full control over the music.

3. Can we burn a CD for the DJ to play, or email the songs to you?

Yes. This is a good idea, to ensure that you have the right version of the song played that you want. We need the CD no later than 2 weeks before the wedding to make sure it plays in our system or so we can convert it to a Digital File.

4. Do your disc jockeys take any breaks or pauses from playing music?

 The music never stops, except during the toast.

5. What happens prior to the wedding? When do you need our song list?

We have detailed worksheets to fill out so you can design the music and the atmosphere you want for your reception. The reception worksheet is due 2 weeks before your wedding. Once you send in the music we call you to go over the final details.

6. Can guests make song requests? How many (and what types) of CDs will the DJ bring to the event?

Yes, although we filter those requests to what the Bride & Groom want. Our DJs mostly use Digital Equipment and bring everything from Glenn Miller Band to Usher on your wedding. They are equipped to handle every type of crowd.

7. Do you have backup DJs in case of sickness?

Yes, we have our own back up DJs that can cover and even if something were to happen to them, we are part of the Tampa Bay Bridal Association where we have other professionals that we can call upon if we ever need to.

8. How early do you typically arrive before an event? Do you charge for the set up time?

Usually 1 hour prior to start time to Set up, which we don’t charge you for.

9. What is your event cancellation policy?

We generally don’t give refunds, especially if cancelled 6 months within the wedding date, although we will hold the credit which you can use at a later date or use for our other services.

10. Can your DJ MC our event? Can you provide a microphone?

All of our DJs are very good MCs. This is what usually separates a high end DJ from a low end DJ. We provide a Cordless Mic so anyone wishing to speak, can do so from anywhere in the reception room, and we’ll communicate with Caterer, photographer etc.

11. How many months in advance do I need to reserve your services for my wedding date?

For Spring & Fall Weddings we book up about 9 months to a year. For Summer and Winter Weddings about 6-9 months in advance.

12. What Are your Payment Terms?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, or personal check or cash.