Big Screen Projector

 Article published in Wedding PR News 02.19.12

Imagine sitting back during your Wedding Reception, relaxing, taking in the moment of this big day, and you look up, and see your wedding video right there on the big screen.   Celebrations of TampaBay began using the Big Screen Projector in 2003 at Wedding Receptions as a way for the guests to see the ceremony in a way they didn’t see while watching it live.  “It became an additional form of entertainment when nothing was happening,  during the Cocktail Hour or Dinner” says Randy, owner of this unique wedding company in the Tampa Area.   “What I didn’t foresee at that point was the raw emotion from the parents of the bride, during the father daughter dance, as they see the video playing in slow motion of the father walking his daughter down the aisle. There is something about slow motion video that allows you to relive the emotion in detail.  The movement of the eyes will speak volumes that words cannot express.  

     Celebration’s, Tampa Videographers, will also use the projectors at other times during the reception.  If you are using a Celebrations of Tampa Bay DJ, depending on the situation,  while the introductions are occurring,  a particular couple  is being introduced during the reception;  on the Big Screen you’ll see that same couple  walking down the aisle during the ceremony.   Kelly Garafalo, a bride in 2011 says “During the reception, guests could watch parts of our wedding video, ceremony etc on the big screen. It was a cool touch, and the guests loved it too” (posted on a review on Wedding Wire).   It’s one of the advantages of doing both the Video and DJ services.   “We had no idea that we would be able to see what he had captured so quickly, we were all floored with his service!” (Wedding Wire post, Lauren Chambers bride in St Pete Beach in 2011)

How many times have you heard guests say,  “we couldn’t hear the vows?”   At the end of the evening,  if time allows,  they can play a special slow song,  have the vows cued up on the video,  and during the instrumental part of the song,  they will turn up the audio from the video, plugged into their  DJ’s sound system, so that you will hear the vows with the music.    “We can do this because our Videographers will put a microphone on the groom that feeds directly into the camera so the video captures the vows very clearly.    I sometimes look  at the bride while we are doing this and I am reminded why I am in this business,  as I see her, just 4 hours after the ceremony,  being able to hear the precious words of commitment to each other, and the expression on her face is priceless”.     A  mother of the bride,  Brittany Velleux (stated on The Wedding Channel),  “They captured and played pre-ceremony and the actual ceremony at the reception…very unique service and I have heard a lot of positive comments from those who attended”.     I remember one wedding, we had the footage of the guys getting ready and one of the groomsmen stepped in an area of fire ants, and had them all inside his shoe and sock, well of course, this caused him to dance around a little bit.   While we were playing this footage, our DJ played some Irish Jig  music, and it had everyone, laughing.   This was one of many moments that I continue to hear complimentary words about, long after the wedding has past, and it is something that,  the guests there will never forget.   You’ll never know what kind of moment you can relive on the projector.   Another Mother responded on The Wedding Channel “it was the best money they (the Bride and Groom) spent and you can never get that footage later.”

      “The high definition video equipment he used exceeded our expectations–the video was crystal clear” (Rosalina Rodriquez, bride posted on Wedding Wire).   Another advantage of showing the video of the ceremony during the reception is that these Tampa Photographers & Videographers will frame the shot of the father daughter dance; with the father walking his daughter down the aisle in the background on the big screen, so it provides a unique effect on the wedding video.  The projector is also used to show slide shows and Love Stories which Celebrations of Tampa Bay will also create.  This is just another idea that will have your family and guests talking about your wedding for years to come!