Picking Music for the Video

We created the video above to help you pick the music for your wedding.  We have purchased over a thousand Royalty Free Songs in the last 4 years and have put samples of the 38 best songs on this video. 22 of the songs are with Lyrics and 16 are instrumental. Being with weddings you typically want to add audio from the video (vows, toasts, officiant) it is good idea to use instrumental music atleast for some of the video.

Sometimes the songs that may sound good on your ipod can be different from what may be good for a wedding. The mood & tempo of music being added to video has to fit with the mood and tempo of the song.

Picking the music can be one of the most frustrating parts of the video editing process.  Sometimes it is like smelling cologne or perfume, I listen to so many songs and just can’t find the right one.  Sometimes this process takes 2-3 hours.  This video above is to help you to find something that you like which in turn gives us a good ideal of your personal preferences.

When you are picking music for video it is not as easy as just picking your favorite songs.  There is a skill to it, and something I have developed from a very early age.  I remember when I used to operate a sound system for a singles group in the 90’s, and me and another guy would be there early setting up.  I would play an instrumental song, and we would both state where we felt we were just from the atmosphere of the song.  For example I’d respond “I’m in an enchanted forest in winter with snow coming down”.  We learned that a song has its own visual just from the mood of the song.  I believe those early days gave me a keen awareness of music, and what fits properly for a video.  So I hope that gives you a little view into how we do the music for the highlight videos.  See our page on Music for Video.  Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.