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Wedding-Videographers-St-Pete-BeachOur St Pete Beach weddings from the beautiful art deco style Don CeSar (above),  to the tropical island resort at the Tradewinds. All of our video packages include either a Long Version or raw footage of your wedding video that is usually 9omin-2 1/2 hours long.  We give you the choice of having your wedding delivered on DVD or Blu Ray.

Many videographers are very hesitant about doing weddings on beaches, because of the damage that sand can do to technical equipment, not so with us, we love shooting on the beach.  St-Pete-Beach-Wedding-VideographersWhether it’s the  unbelievable view of the Presidential Room at the Grand Plaza, or the unique little bridges & waterways of the Tradewinds, or the new Coconut Palm Pavilion of the Sirata Beach Resort we are very experienced at doing wedding photography on St Pete Beach.

In shooting a wedding on St Pete Beach, a videographer needs to be in decent physical shape, or it will affect the quality and the amount of pictures taken.  The heat from March to October can be “brutal”, and thus the videographer has to know how to manage it, not only for himself but for the Bridal Party & Family.  A St Pete Beach videographer must also deal with extreme “brightness issues”, which the Florida sun and the white sand.   A beach wedding is not for an average videographer, but it takes a skilled professional to be able to have the right settings at the right time and work very quickly.

The best view from a wedding venue ballroom on St Pete Beach is undoubtedly, The Presidential Ballroom of the Grand Plaza Beachfront Resort.  We average about 10 weddings a year at this popular St Pete Beach Venue so we are very familiar with it.  You can see more on this Grand Plaza Promotional Video that we shot in 2015.    We also have a Pinterest page solely dedicated to our Grand Plaza Weddings.  The two beach ceremony sites are lined with palm trees which make it great for great aerial video when using a drone.   There does tend to be a fair abount of tourists, as this is a poplular hotel.   We do reccomend to allow alittle extra time for pre-wedding phtographer as the elevators can be crowded, especially on the weekends.  The first floor Imperial Ballroom makes it more convenient to get sunset pictures on the beach can accomodate more guests that the Presidential Ballroom.

We love the Sirata Beach Resort because of the Sea Oats around it, and Yaroslav took full advantage of the scenery using 2 light stands to provide just the right amount of light.

The Reception took place in the Royal Palm Room on the 8th Floor which has a great view of both the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Intracoastal waterway. For information on weddings at this beautiful beach venue see The Sirata Beach Resort.

Next on our wedding videographers St Pete Beach Tour is the Tradewinds Grand Island Resort.  The Tradewinds we love for all the tropical landscaping and variety of backgrounds with its green grass, gazebos, swans, rivers, and little bridges all on property.  The Tent Pavilion at the Tradewinds is great for larger weddings.  If you look the water scenery but do not like the sand of the beach, the St Pete Beach is ideal as it sits on the Intra-Coastal Waterway near the Cory Causeway bridge.

The Post Card Inn is a unique beach venue, which combines the rustic casual atmosphere with the tropical location.  The lobby area is great for pictures with items you do not see in your typical hotel wedding venue.  It features a huge book case with some special couches which are a great setting for bridal party pictures.

For all of our recent weddings see our wedding videographer St Pete Beach social media page.  Contact us with any questions about wedding venues on St Pete Beach, we are very familiar with all of them.

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