Tips on Traveling with Dog & Drone

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August 10, 2019 11:42 am Published by

During the summer, when the weddings are slow, I work with our sister company Tampa Aerial Media and shoot travel promos and stock footage across the country.  This year is our biggest trip yet to the Midwest, then the North West, and the down the coast from Seattle to Los Angeles and back east through Vegas, Colorado, and Tennesse.  This is the first video of our journey giving tips about flying with a ESA Dog as well as how to carry a drone.

Eventhough I am out of state, our office manager Stephanie is still in the office and I am also still available by email, as I check our emails regularly.  We have alot to shoot across the country before we arrive back in Tampa in fall before a busy wedding season.  You can follow us on our journey on youtube.  While on the journey we are also testing new equipment that we plan on using for weddings as well.  So while this is completely different from weddings, it does also aid our wedding shooting skills and equipment.