Is A Drone Useful if Getting Married in a Church

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February 11, 2020 2:23 pm Published by

Often time brides will see, “we don’t need a drone because we are getting married in a church”. I resond, that really doesn’t make any difference because regardless we don’t fly the drone during the ceremony anyways. We had 2 catholic weddings this last weekend where the drone was very useful. This is the 2nd wedding in Sarasota. As the ceremony was starting to come to an end, I had the drone outside and ready knowing, since shooting at this church in the past, that the bride and groom will walk outside. I informed the couple real quickly as they walked down the aisle that “there is a drone waiting for you when you step outside”. They did great as you can see. It is very tricky here as there are powerlines across the street from the church so I had to be pretty careful, so you definately want an experience drone operator to do a shot like you see in this video.  

We will also add to this post in a couple of days, the highlight video of  the first wedding we did last weekend at Sacred Heart Catholic Church where we also made good use of the drone.

The reception was at Powel Crosley Estate, a venue that is in a drone restricted zone, being next to Sarasota Airport.  Due to that, I made as much use of the drone as I could until the reception.  Powel Crosley Estate, has so many great areas for photos, that I do not mind being able to use the drone.  Our ground cameras can get so much great footage, useing the natural surroundings of this historic estate.  This wedding was set up by Kimberley Hensley Events, who is one of the best Wedding Cordinators in the Bay Area.