Meeting the Photographer

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March 7, 2017 2:18 pm Published by

You are booking Celebrations of Tampa Bay, not “John Doe” photography.   You are booking a company that has over 20 years of experience in shooting weddings in Tampa Bay, which goes far beyond one person.   We have a system that been tweaked and refined to ensure the success of your wedding as much as possible.  When something negative happens, we always try to figure out a way “how can we prevent this from happening in the future.”    The success of your photography & video is not just about whoever is the designated photographer on your wedding, but it’s about the whole system, our office staff, and our other staff on your wedding.  For example if I personally am on your wedding as the videographer, I will also play a role in the photography, doing some of the posing, helping to speed up the process,  or advising our photographers to make some adjustments because of timing, obstacles, etc.

This system is to ensure that all of your requests will be met as much as possible.  If you were to talk with your photographer months before your wedding, he or she may or may not remember.  They are focused on the weddings that they are shooting in the coming week so it is likely they could confuse your information with another bride.  This is why we ask all your communication is with us (Stephanie or myself) here at the office.  We do have the photographer call you the week of the wedding, so that you have had a chance to talk with them,  but until then we ask that you communicate with us here in the office, with either myself or Stephanie.  Written communication (email or on our worksheets) is always best, because it gives us a written record to refer back to and minimizes the possibility of something being forgotten or mis-communicated.

We have very high-end photographers who have been very loyal to us, not only because we take good care of them, but also we handle the business side of being a photographer and therefore it frees them up to do what they love to do, shoot weddings.   Our  photographers, when they do, do a wedding on their own, will charge much more than what we charge.   You ask why would a successful photographer want to work for less?  The reason is the business side of being a photographer is incredibly time-consuming.  “Time is money”.  Being the owner and a videographer I can tell that only 50% of my time is in shooting and editing.  The rest is spent dealing with the business side, and that is with a full-time office manager.   Our Photographers enjoy the trade-off because they do not have to deal with the administrative stuff.    Therefore if you have the photographer meet with you, it takes away that advantage for them.

When you book us for photography it is not just about “John Doe Photography” but its the advantages of the whole team and system of Celebrations of Tampa Bay that provides an advantage for you as a bride.  It will save you time as well, and therefore eliminate some of the stress in planning your wedding.