Wedding at Stonebridge Lange Farm

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December 31, 2019 8:44 pm Published by

The wedding of Meghan & Alex Huff at Stonebridge Lange Farm in Dade City.  Photography by Joe, Video by Randy, and our DJ Dave provided the entertainment.

Alex & Meghan met at the church they attend, Bay Life Church in Brandon . Although they attended the same church they didn’t know each other, atleast until a game of dodgeball, at the Church’s High School Group, “Elevate”. Meghan’s brother Josh was friends with Alex and saw that Alex got out of the game. When Josh asked Alex who got him out, Alex pointed to Meghan. Josh proudly stated that, that was his sister Meghan. Alex took notice.

Months later, they went on a group outing with other friends from Bay Life. meghan noticed that her friends were whispering and laughting and Alex was acting strangely. It didn’t take long for Meghan to find out the reason for their strange behavior. Alex & Meghan got to know each other over the following month and started dating on 09.02.13 when Alex was 16 & meghan 17. They were quickly smitten with each other.

Through their remaining years in High school including homecoming and 2 proms, mission trips, Meghan’s 4 years of college, graduation, and 1st year of her masters program, their relationship stayed strong. It was only a matter of waiting for the right time to start their forever life together. They were married at Stonebridge Weddings Lange Farm in Dade City, in December of 2019.

We love shooting at the Lange Farm, so many great opportunities for artist wedding photography & video. Since Stonebridge Weddings have taken over Lange Farm there have been many great improvements to the property, including the new Bridal Suite where the bride and groom can both get ready. The grooms room has a pool table to keep the guys occupied while the girls get ready. The nicely paved path from the bridal suite to the Southern Blue Barn makes for a great area for the First Look. The ceremony took place at The Joshua Tree area surrounded by spawling oaks. The Southern Blue Barn (formerly Antique Barn) with the stringed lights, provides a nice intimate atmosphere for the reception. For more information on having a wedding at The Stonebridge Lange farms see Stonebridge Weddings & Events .