Wedding at Armature Works Tampa


November 20, 2019 3:42 pm Published by

The wedding of Ashley Ferianc & Miguel Ortiz at the Armature Works in the newly re-developed area of Tampa Heights in downtown Tampa. Photography by Marissa Moss, she is always great to work with, very friendly.

The Armature Works sits right on the Hillsborough River and provides a great atmosphere for Photos & Video for weddings. Unfortunately on this wedding we had very limited time during daylight hours so was not able to do all that we wanted to do. The ceremony took place inside the Social Hall and the reception in the huge Gathering Ballroom. The gate for the gathering lifts up like a garage door as guests first walk in to see this impressive elegant room. The Gathering Ballroom has state of the art lighting as you see in the dancing segments of this video. Not your typical cheesy DJ lights. With over 4,800 square fet of inddor space as well as 4,000 square feet of outdoor space in the string lighted courtyard. For information on having a wedding at The Gathering see Armature Works Weddings.

Ashley & Miguel always had mutual acquaintances. Miguel moved south for work in 2014 and Ashley started seeing him around more and more. There was always something about Miguel that Ashley was attracted to, maybe it was he was very quiet. She saw him out one night and she told him how much she likeed him but didn’t know what it was about him. They got to know each other that summer and the rest was history. 5 years later after they began to date, they were married at the Armature Works in November of 2019.