October Wedding at Sacred Heart Catholic Church


October 28, 2018 10:36 am Published by

The Wedding of Susan Rodman & Andres Lamas at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in downtown Tampa

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is one of 2 venues where we actually draw up a diagram before the wedding that looks something like a page out of a football playbook.  We use 4 to 5 cameras, but it is important to have the right lense at the right time in the right position, and to abide by all the restrictions make it a challenging church to shoot in.  Therefore it is more gratifying when we shoot a great video because we know there are very few videographers who can do a video like this in this type of venue.  With that being said, I always see things where I could have done better.  I have probably shot over 30 weddings in this church, and still learn new things each time I shoot about Camera Placement, white balance settings, etc.  I always look forward to the next wedding where I can inorporate things I’ve learned fromt he previous wedding.  This church is definately not for the average videographer.   The acoustics are aweful so we put a cordless mic on both the officiant and the groom, which you can hear in this video, the sound is very good.  Without a mic on the priest, it would be real hard to hear the words that he is saying.  In this video it worked out great, because being the  priest told the story of their engagement as well as reading a letter from the groom to the bride, we featured him, more than we normally would in the highlight video.  In this wedding we did not do the photography, so the pictures you see were taken off the video.  It limits what we are able to do with video, however the photographers on this wedding , Joe roberts Imagery were great to work with.

Susan & Andres met on match.com. One day they received a notification that they had crossed paths in Seminole Heights, and were made aware of each other existence through their online profiles. Andres was immediately interested, Susan was still skeptical but agreed to go on a date with Andres anyways. They had their first date and ended up diving deep into conversation about their past, their hopes, their dreas and ambitions. They soon realized that technology had finally done for them what they had been unable to do for yours. As their journey together continued they know it was God who put them on each others path to meet and the serenditpitous nature of their relationship was validated through several signs from about. The priest in the video explains how they were engaged.