Wedding at The Dali Museum

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July 24, 2016 7:01 pm Published by

Artistic Contemporary Wedding Venue in St Petersburg

Wedding at The Dali MuseumDali Museum Weddings

Ceremony on a Spiral Stair Case on Wedding at The Dali Museum

Wedding at The Dali MuseumAre you looking of a unique wedding venue, try The Dali Museum in St Petersburg  where you get married in the middle of a spiral staircase while your guest view from above you. Ofcoarse you better have experienced Photographers and Videographers who can handle this challenging situation.
This the wedding of Cheryl Abana & Bradley Clement. Cheryl and some of her bridesmaids from Oakland, which was neat for me being I was born & raised in San Jose in the other Bay Area. Bradley a local from Clearwater.
Its not often that I get to shoot venues in Tampa Bay that we have never shot at before. As well as The Dali, we started with the pre-ceremony shots at the new Opal Sands Resort  in Clearwater. The bride and groom met together at work, at The Spotted Cat Music Club in New Orleans as bartenders. They were not looking for love, but after a couple of months they became inseparable. Our DJ Chancey provided the entertainment during the reception. The Caters were Puff n Stuff , always delicious food.
Abana-459For this video, we used 5 cameras including a GoPro mounted on the railing shooting up so as to capture the upper part of the spiral stair case. We used 4 cameras up high shooting down.  See our St Petersburg Videographers Page for more of our weddings in St Petersburg.