Wedding By Drone at Bella Collina

May 4, 2015 8:41 pm Published by

Bella Collina Country Club, Montverde, FL

Spectacular Wedding by Drone at this Tuscan Style Venue in Central Florida

Our latest wedding by drone at what has to be the most beautiful country club in Florida. Bella Collina is located in Monteverde, Florida about 25 miles west of Orlando. Bella Collina known for its unique Tuscan Style achitecture sits just off the shores of Lake Apopka in Lake County, Fl. This the aerial shots from the wedding of Tori Moses & Richard Williams shot yesterday at Bella Collina. We will be uploading a full highlight video that will include our ground level cameras in 3-4 weeks. This was our second wedding using a drone at this beautiful venue. This time being alittle more experienced with the drone, I decided to fly through the cooridoors. The setting seems like World War 2 era Europe with the beautiful Rock achitecture, with bell towers at the top. This is one of those venues that you really have to have a drone to capture its full beauty.

We usually will not fly the drone during the ceremony because we do not want to be too distractive with the noise, however, we recently have started flying more during the recessional.  Once the bride and groom kiss, people start clapping and the music starts playing so the noise from the drone is not as noticeable.  We many times will have multiple ground level cameras, so it frees us to focus on flying the drone as the bride and groom are exit, and it gives us great shot, especially at this venue which overlooks Lake Apopka.

Once the ceremony was over we traveled via golf cart to some of the great areas on property. At the Rock Tunnel with Cobblestone Pavement, I flew the drone past the bride and groom and all the way through the tunnel. We then went to the lake area with the massive oak trees, getting shots from the drone peaking through the haning moss on the trees. Our next stop was in the garden, which on this video used a ground level camera for, so romantic. We ended our formals in front of the Country Club overlooking the valley below with a shot right out of a movie.  We ended the evening with the sparkler exit, as I had the drone hover near the chandilers shooting down on the happy couple exiting.

If you are a Florida bride looking for a destination wedding but do not want to travel very far, Bella Collina is the place.

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