The Benefits of Creating an Outdoor Event Space in Tampa

February 10, 2020 11:48 am Published by

Article written by Cory Peters

Outdoor weddings and parties stoke our imaginations in a way no modern convention center or stuffy hall ever can. Throwing an event in an open-air venue is certain to create long-lasting memories. The mild Tampa climate and gorgeous landscapes make it a no-brainer as well. If you’ve got enough room on your property, don’t let it go to waste– you may have the makings of a profitable business. Take a moment to consider the benefits of creating an outdoor event space.

Building a Stronger Community

Outdoor gatherings make communities stronger. Green venues bring groups together to celebrate and connect with each other and the environment. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a retirement party, or a workshop, the people who attend will leave your venue closer than when they arrived. When you host events on your property, you become part of the community of people involved in creating the affair. You’ll meet caterers, event planners, florists, and others who will work with you to create these memorable events.

As a venue owner, you’ll also become a cherished part of someone’s history. It’s not unusual for people who have attended a wedding in a stunning outdoor venue to seek it out for their own events. Many couples will choose the same site as their wedding to throw an anniversary party or baby shower. An outdoor venue becomes the nucleus of a vibrant and thriving community, and you can be at its center.

Generating Extra Revenue

Outdoor wedding venues can host anywhere from fifty to several hundred people. If you have a farm, a ranch, or even a fantastic gazebo in a large, beautiful garden, you could create an outdoor event space. The beauty of a wedding venue is the business requires only as much effort as you want to put into it. There are professionals who can plan and manage every aspect of a wedding on your site. All you have to do is set the terms.

The income your venue generates will easily help you recover any expenses you incur while building the amenities. We’re talking about restrooms and outdoor structures. Once you recover those costs, the rest is all profit and can pay your mortgage or property taxes– so your property is literally paying for itself. Consider the many picturesque gardens in Tampa that could double as wedding venues. Yours could be one, too.

Improving your Property

You’ll likely make some upgrades when you decide to transform your space to make it event-worthy. Whether you add a gazebo or covered structure, the improvements will raise your property value. You’ll also add to your curb appeal by maintaining your gardens, paths, and landscaping. Hiring a local, professional landscaper to maintain your grounds is relatively affordable, and makes a big difference as opposed to doing it yourself.

Keep in mind, brides are thinking about getting the best photos when choosing a venue. A large flower garden will save them money on the florist bill. These aspects become a top priority when your home is also a business venture.

Maintaining your property to this high standard might seem like hard work, but keeping it in pristine shape takes less effort than a complete overhaul. If nothing is ever allowed to fall into disrepair, then you’ll never have to spend a fortune on huge repairs. It costs a lot more to fix things that are neglected than to keep things in good repair. Another benefit? Your property maintenance becomes a business expense, rather than a personal one. That gives you the opportunity to write it off on your taxes.

If you enjoy your outdoor space and want to share it with others, creating an event space will only give you more reasons to love it. Consider adding value by planting gardens, installing enhanced hardscapes, or building high-quality outdoor structures. These will all add value to your venue and will give you more reasons to adore your space when not renting it.

Beautifully landscaped, expansive properties require a lot of maintenance to begin with. Why not turn the burden into an asset? The benefits of creating an outdoor wedding and event venue are well worth considering.

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Cory Peters is a wedding photographer who does her best work at outdoor venues. She’s photographed couples tying the knot on the ski slopes in Colorado and in the Everglades in Florida. She has a passion for shooting flower gardens all over the world.