Indian Wedding Photography

February 10, 2014 2:22 pm Published by

Indian Wedding Photography in Tampa is challenging and fun at the same time.  Neil, Tyler, and I just shot this beautiful Indian Wedding of Natasha & Mrynal D’Arcangelo, on a cold January day in Orlando.   On the video below, I used music from three different royalty free websites, as I wanted the perfect blend of Indian Music which featured both a Bollywood Style, and Traditional Indian music.  We love Indian weddings because of the rich traditions, the beautiful clothing and jewels.  If you are looking for an Indian Wedding Photographer & Videographer, it is important to choose one who is experienced with the Indian Traditions, especially when having a Hindu Ceremony.  A videographer has to film it complete different from a traditional Christian weddings, or else,  will miss the important details of the Hindu ceremony if he does not know what is happening.  During the Hindu ceremony, the photographer has to be in different positions at different times.  I was doing some yoga moves filming this wedding due to the tight space of being in a gazebo.  A Indian Wedding Photographer has to be mobile,  for example during the Jaimala (Exchange of Garlands), he should be standing to the sides so you can get facial reactions as the bride and groom exchange garlands, however during the Havan (Lighting of Sacred Fire) it is good if the videographer can be very low to shoot at a level that really captures the fire and fruit, etc.  During the Mangalphera (walk around the fire) and the Saptapardi (Seven Steps together), you really need at least 2 cameras (3 is even better), because you want the wide shot of walking around the fire, but it’s also good to get the close up of the feet.  Towards the end of the ceremony during the Fishing for Rings, again, as a videographer, you want to be at a low level to see the bride and groom as they try to race each other to find the ring.  Tradition says that the first to find the rings will be the “king of the household”.

Another type of Indian wedding that we enjoy is the Kerala Christian Ceremonies.  This is one we just shot 2 months ago at St Johns Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa.   It is named after, Kerala (keer-a-la) a region in southern India where Christianity originated in 52ad.  This wedding included several Indian Traditions. The Crowning, where the priest takes a gold chain with a cross as its pendant and hovers it around the couple’s heads in the form of a crown. This is repeated three times and the couple is crowned King and Queen of their new life together.  The Minnukettu (Tying the knot): This is a Hindu custom that Syrian Christians of Kerala practice. A ‘minnu’ is a small leaf-shaped pendant made of gold, with 7 tiny beads placed together on the leaf to form a cross (+), symbolizing the holy cross.   A minnu is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom on the day of their marriage (right). The knot tied is called the reef knot, which is almost impossible to unknot. This symbolizes the permanence of the marriage. 

After seven days of marriage, the minnu is put on a gold chain and is expected to be worn till death. A Minnu is an indication of a married woman.  Manthrakodi or the wedding sari is a gift to the bride from the groom and his family symbolizing him as her provider. Covering the brides head with Manthrakodi is another common tradition in Kerala Christian weddings. It symbolizes the groom’s promise of being a protector of his bride for the rest of her life.   See more pictures & video of Indian Weddings in Tampa Area and Central Florida here

Indian Wedding Orlando from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.