Advantages of an Unplugged Wedding

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Today it may be thought of asking too much to have someone fully present, meaning their phone and camera are turned off, and they are 100% there. Whether this is during the ceremony, reception, or both, unplugged weddings are common. There are countless advantages of having an unplugged wedding. The initial benefit is that your photographer can do their job. Every photographer has a story of a guest stepping into the aisle in front of them, while they are taking perfect pictures of the bride. Most of them will upload photos to an online library, this way guests have access to use the photos for social media.

See it Yourself, Not Through Your Phone

At many weddings, there will always be guests who are viewing the ceremony through their camera or tablet. The couple loves having their guests present during this special day. People who are invited to a wedding are there for a reason. They hold a special place in the couple’s heart, and it is important they are there to share this moment. The key to having a successful unplugged ceremony is preparing the guests ahead of time, letting them know in advance you want to them to be present. Sharing this moment is important to you, and also letting them know the photos will be shared afterwards.

Unplugged Ceremony, Plugged-In Reception

It is hard to avoid technology in today’s modern age. Yet, there is something special with having all your guests present during the ceremony. When you have selected a beautiful venue, which you can do through, the scene will be set, and the ceremony can begin. Guests get excited and often jump into the aisle wanting that perfect shot. This is often at the expense of the photographer, losing the shot they were hired to take. Consider the best of both worlds; have an unplugged ceremony and a plugged-in reception. Once the party starts, allow your guests to take their phone and tablets out. Most couples may encourage a tech-friendly soirée. The welcome sign may even display a wedding hashtag. Yet, an unplugged ceremony is often very common.

Wedding Photographers Work

When the bride walks down the aisle, they want to see the faces of their guests, not their phone. And they may not be too keen to see the back of a guest’s head in the wedding photo. The average couple will invest a lot of time selecting a wedding photographer. They are relying on their ability to capture the perfect moment. Money is being spent for the photographer’s expertise. It is often quite distracting for the them and other guests when some people are constantly getting out of their seats to get the best angle and shot.

The first photos you want on social media should be professional pictures. Any good photographer knows they can get amazing candid shots when the guests are present during the wedding. These pictures show why each guest was invited to the wedding and the role they play in the life of the couple. There are benefits with an unplugged ceremony or wedding. It is a special day for everyone to celebrate and enjoy fully.