Video FAQ

March 26, 2015 11:19 am Published by

Videographer Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes you different from other local videographers? Why should someone hire you?

We make every shot count. Our videographers are artist, not just a video technician. We can incorporate our Big Screen Projector where during the reception we are using your ceremony video as a background for some of the reception scenes. For instance when the bride is dancing with her father, you’ll see the bride & her father walking down the aisle. We also use cameras that are very good in low light situations so that we don’t have to blind you or your guests with bright lights. We understand the balance between capturing everything, but yet being as unobtrusive as possible.

2. How many cameras do you use? Do you bring backup equipment?

That depends on your package. We always bring a 2nd camera as a back up, but if you’ve only purchased one camera for your Wedding, than the 2nd camera won’t be edited in the final video.

3. What type of camera(s) do you use? Why did you choose this equipment?

We use Sony’s PD-170, Sony’s DSR-2100, and High Definition Sony’s FX1 & High Definition Sony’s HVR-Z1U. We chose these Cameras based on their sharpness in picture quality and their ability to shoot in low light situations.

4. What kind of lighting do you use?

It varies with the camera & the situation. We use cameras that are good in low lighting situations so that in most instances we don’t have to use a bright light and in a lot of situations may not have to use a light at all.

5. How would you describe your style — cinematic, documentary, or a mix of both?

We do both cinematic & documentary with creativity. Our Love Stories though tend to be more on the cinematic style.

6. What other services or special effects do you offer? How much is the cost?

We offer a Love Story where we follow you on a date, do interviews and a music video to a song of your choice. We show this at the Wedding reception with our Big Screen Projector and when using our DJs, we’ll play it with our 1000 watt Yamaha surround sound speakers so it will be like you’re at the movie theatre.

7. Is editing included in the standard package? If extra, how much is the cost?

Yes, if you decide not to do the editing we can take $150 off.

8. Who exactly will be shooting my video? Do you use subcontractors?

You determine that during the booking. Our videographers only work for us.

9. Will I get the master tape? How many copies come with the package?

The raw footage on DVD is available for $50.

10. Will you attend the rehearsal? The rehearsal dinner?

We can video the rehearsal and dinner, but there is a charge to that. With over 2765 weddings we can deal with any situation and we do get there early the day of the wedding. We as any professional are paid according to our time.

11. Do we need to provide a meal for the videographer?

If the Videographer is booked on your wedding for 6 hours or longer we ask that you either provide a meal or allow him 45 minutes to go get something to eat.

12. What are your standard payment terms?

On All Inclusive Packages it’s 1/3rd down, then a middle third payment, and the balance being due 1 week before the wedding.  For individual services its’ Half down and Balance due one week before wedding