Wedding on Ft Lauderdale Yacht


July 29, 2016 4:48 pm Published by

Wedding on a Sun Dream Yacht Charter in Ft Lauderdale.

Our photographer Joe shot the still photography and Randy shot the video.  Unfortunately the wedding started late and proceeded longer than expected so we ran out of daylight, which is a shame, because I would have love to have captured more images with the Ft Lauderdale water scenes in the background.  The staff aboard this particular yacht was not nearly as friendly as the yacht dinner ships we have in Tampa Bay.  Joe was chewed out for the above picture for standing on top of the yacht, which the bride had told him that the Yacht said he had permission to do, but the captain was not too happy about it and alittle extreme in chewing him out.  It was not only this incident and not only with us but the staff probably needed a lesson in people skills.   It makes me appreciate the great yacht ships we have her in Tampa like the Yacht Starship and Starlite Cruises.  They are always very friendly and hospitable on the weddings we have done on their yachts.

We used 4 cameras on this wedding.  Shooting with  multiple cameras on a yacht is always a challenge working in a confined area, but just love the shots of the vows with a moving background, and when you have a bride as pretty as this bride, with such amazing expressive eyes, the video is emotional. Future brides (and grooms for that matter) take note. This is the way to do vows for a great video, totally focusing on your partner, not looking at the officiant, or the mic, or anyone else.