Wedding at Hollis Garden

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August 21, 2016 2:38 pm Published by

Rain Turns into an Advantage on Wedding at Hollis Garden

Wedding at Hollis Garden

wedding at Hollis GardensWedding of Connor & Janelle Bauer at the Magnolia Building at Hollis Garden. On a day where we thought the weather would limit our shots at Hollis Garden, the light rain worked to our advantage, and turned out to be the best day ever at Hollis Gardens. Due to the overcast skies, the lighting was perfect not too bright, which made the color of the garden really pop. Due to the rain earlier in the day it was not very crowded. We benefited also because Janelle was a “bride-chil-a”, a very practical bride.

The stills shot by Jamie who did a excellent job using the scenery on this wedding at Hollis Garden.  On a day that weather threatened to ruin any shots in this beautiful garden turned out to be the best wedding here and we have shot over 20 here.  Thanks to a very cooperative bride and groom.  Janelle was a text book bride for future brides who want great pictures. When many brides would have panicked in the rain, she didn’t let it stop her from getting great pics.  Thanks to the rain earlier in the day, the garden was not very crowded.  When face with the dilemma of getting a little dirt on her dress her response was “I’m never going to wear this dress again, so lets do it!”.  We see a lot of Hollis Garden Weddingbrides who get so over cautious about the dress that it limits the photography.  And when you have a very beautiful bride and handsome groom, it just made it ideal conditions for great photography & video.  You can also see the emotion in the eyes of both sets of parents.  I know every parent loves their kids, but the eyes of the parents were extremely powerful, some very deep emotion here.  They obviously come from two great families, such a classy Christ-centered ceremony. Cooper the dog was also very cooperative and had a nice tux of his own as well. He sure loved the drone.

Gosch-104Hollis Garden is operated by the City of Lakeland Parks & Recreation Department. For information on booking a wedding at Hollis Garden see

Entainment provided by Chris Grainger who was great to work with. He owns Grangertainment DJ Services

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