Weddings at The Sandpearl

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December 14, 2015 11:35 am Published by

Vietnamese Wedding at the Sandpearl

Wedding at Sandpearl Clearwater Beach from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

May Wedding at the Sandpearl

In this blog we are featuring two weddings at the Sandpearl.  We like the Sandpearl for wedding photography and video for several reasons.  The beach area around the sandpearl has some nice little hills with sea oats which add texture for wedding photography, which you can see at beginning of first video above.

We also like the sandpearl because there are so many elegant areas indoors for pictures.  This is great because if it is raining, or you just need a break from the heat, we can shoot indoors in the comfortable AC.  The waterfall in the courtyard also offers some artistic wedding photos shooting both on the inside and outside of the waterfall.  The earth toned color of the Sandpearl also offers a nice background which provides good contrast for your wedding colors.

The first wedding is of Kim Truong & Mark Knapczyk at the north deck at the Sandpearl. A very emotional ceremony, you can see it in the eyes of Kim, as Mark can barely say the vows without choking up. Mark such a good natured, fun groom, and Kim a gorgeous bride, really made our jobs easy.

We love to see that a couple that is totally into each other during the ceremony. We mounted a go pro on the arch to capture a unique angle of the bridesmaids walking down the aisle and as well as showing family & guests during ceremony.

Alhtough there was no rain, the skies were greyish, did not have as much contrast as we would have liked, but the passion between the bride and groom made up for that.


The second wedding is the wedding of Krystal Koester & Gary Groesser on the south end of the beach on the property at the Sandpearl.  This wedding which was shot in May, although hot, was much sunnier and the skies provided a better shad of blue.


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