We Have the Passion for your Wedding, Do You?

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April 22, 2019 11:36 am Published by

This wedding of Stephanie & Gabriel Littlefield at DoubleTree Beach Resort N. Reddington Beach,  is a great example of what can happen when a bride gives priority for her photography.  We do many weddings where the bride will give us an extensive list of creative shots for their portraits, and we get excited, and  put a plan to accomplish them, but often when it comes down to the wedding day, she will decide to skip many of the things she had planned.  This bride knew she wanted great pictures so as a result was willing to allow the time to capture them.  Stephanie even allowed her dress to get wet for some great shots in the water.  She had already planned to have another dress to get into for the reception.

Joe and I were recently on a wedding where we asked the bride and groom if they wanted to go out for sunset pictures, but the bride didn’t want to leave the reception.  Joe and I went out anyways and took another couple out.  It happened to be a couple whom I shot their wedding 4 years ago.  The sky was just incredible.  We shot them and Joe quickly ran in to show the bride how good it looked outside to see if she may want to reconsider.  The bride and groom decided they would go ahead and we got great shots, however, would have been even greater had they came out the first time.  I find many times our passion for photography is greater than the brides.  They are exccited while planning the wedding, but then when it comes to the wedding day, other things get in the way.  Once the wedding day is over the only thing you have is the video and the pictures.  We are aware of that and why we make every effort to sometimes try to push the bride a little, because we know that 4-6 weeks from now when they get their video or pictures they may regret having not taken the effort to do those pictures.