Wedding at Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach

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March 4, 2016 8:08 pm Published by

Wedding Hyatt Clearwater Beach from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

Of last 3 weddings at Hyatt Regency, rain prevented the ceremony from happening on the beautiful Sky Terrace, but last Sunday, for Kylie & Shawn, the weather was completely perfect.  We have had brides ask us about the Long Version Video and what that looks like, so on this wedding we posted the Highlight Video, above as well as the long version video (below).  The Long Version shows the full video with the exception of the dancing scenes.  We cannot post the dancing scenes online due to copyright music being played, however these are always included on the Brides DVD or Blu Ray.

This was a destination wedding as Kylie and Shawn are from western Pennsylvania.  At the end of the reception they were chanting “Go Steelers” so we added a aerial shot of the city of Pittsburg that we shot a few months ago, which you see in the Long Version Video.  The shots on the Sky Terrace were great, but we really loved shooting from the balcony of room 1602 which faces the pier.  In the mid afternoon the sun beating down on the Sky Terrace can be pretty intense, as a result you lose alittle color in the photos.  We reccomend to have a room on the north side (facing Pier 60), because the lighting is perfect, even in the bright afternoon sunshine.  When we shoot from this angle we use the ocean & Pier 60 as a background , and the color really pops, as you see in these pictures (left).  The blue in the water looked similiar to the way it looks in Key West, and much less backlighting, and with a beautiful bride like Kylie it was just absolutely perfect.

There are so many great areas around the Hyatt Regency.  Any easy walk across Gulf Blvd puts you right on the beach.  There is a hill of Sea Oates which make a great background or foreground for wedding photography.  Sunset shots in this area as you can see are just spectacular.  At the end of the video we took advantage of the Neon Lights in front of the Surf Shot that is right next to the Hyatt, just spectacular at night for great intimate shots.