Wedding at Crystal Ballroom Tampa

December 5, 2018 10:56 pm Published by

An elegant classy wedding of Karla Vaelllo & Ismael Velazquez at the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa, Florida.

Ismael & Karla first met at Costco where they worked. Karla had received a transfer to Ismael’s store. When she walked in he was the first person she saw and for her it was not “Love at First Sight”. As you hear the officiant say in this video, whe though he was player and harley was working. When she got her badge, she was told he would be the first person she had to work with. She thoght he would hit on her, so she told herself to be really nice so they can be “good friends”. Her first impressions were wrong because Ismael happen to be the sweetest loving person she ever met. Weeks went by and she started to realize that she had a crush on him. He would say “Good morning” and “good night” everyday and it was something she looked forward to. They finally got in better contact through a friend and they started to talk. On a Monday night at 9 they started to text and did not sleep until 4 in the morning. Ever since that day they have been inseparable. A year later they were married at The Crystal Ballroom in Tampa.

The Crystal Ballroom is a elegant and beautiful banquet hall. There staff is super friendly, and really creates a nice intimate atmosphere for a wedding. The food is great being catered by Catering by the Family. The Crystal Ballroom is located near Tampa Airport which makes it super convenient for out of town guests. We did the first look with this bride an groom at the University of Tampa. The Crystal Ballroom as locations all across Florida as well as the one in Tampa. For information on this elegant Tampa Venue see Crystal Ballroom Tampa.

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