Wedding at Bakers Ranch Parrish, FL

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March 11, 2016 1:46 pm Published by

Wedding of Demi Goodman & Kyle Campbell at Bakers Ranch nestled in majestic oaks, located in northern Manatee County.  Alla Levin, owners of this beautiful ranch started doing weddings a year ago and has quickly become a very popular wedding venue.  It is surrounded by rustic elegance and inspired by 16th century Tudor-style architecture.  The trees are so high, I could still fly the drone underneath the trees for a excellent shot of the ceremony area. We did a unique shot with a go pro, aiming it higher to show the beautiful oak trees.

I was excited to be doing our first wedding at this beautiful venue. Wedding designer Andrea Layne had the great idea of placing yellow Forsythia Branches behind Bride & Groom.  This provided a great contrast of color and some excellent shallow depth of field for the camera focused on bride during ceremony as you can see on the video.

This is one of those videos you have to watch to the end, some excellent and entertaining dancing. The reception was non-stop. It seemed like every moment, there was something unique happening. Sometimes the dancing shots can get monotenous…not so on this wedding, such a great fun crowd supporting their great friends Demi & Kyle and having a great time.


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