March Wedding at The Rusty Pelican

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March 8, 2017 11:05 pm Published by

A Match Made on the Softball Field

Wedding at Rusty Pelican 501This March Wedding at the Rusty Pelican of Dr Christopher & Alison Gehron at the Rusty Pelican. The Rusty Pelican always make a great setting for a wedding with the ceremony right on the Rocky Point part of Tampa Bay.   We were forced to shot on the east side of the resturarant due to another wedding following our’s at the gazebo, hoever it worked to our advantage. Weddings at Rusty Pelican The side of the building provides the only area where your can see the sunset compared to the area around the gazebo.  We always love to have something in the foreground of the picture rather than having just water and sky.  The Stilts of the Rusty Pelican provided a perfect nautical atmosphere, giving the sunset shots a little character.

They met by Chris asking a mutual friend if she knew anyone to play softball in a co-ed slow pitch league. The friend gaved Chris Alison’s number and soon after asked to meet for a dinner before games started. Alison agreed and the rest is history.

Entertainment provided by Frank Lebano  who is always such a pleasure to work with, always communicates very well with Photographers & Videographers on the wedding.

Floral Design by Danielle Zechmann with Save the Date Florida.