June Real Estate Video & Photography

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June 28, 2018 8:13 pm Published by

As the weather has heated up in June, weddings have cooled off from the frantic pace of May, however the Real Estate Market has been hot, so we have been busy doing Real Estate Video and Photography. Real Estate Video allows me to use some of the cool motion graphics that I don’t ordinarily get to incorporate on a wedding. Check out these homes in south Tampa & Brandon. The real estate video has give me an opportunity to use some of the new technology we started using in April. The Sony a7iii with the Zhiyum stabilizer is just ideal for real estate. Although we do bring lights to all of our real estate shoots, I often find I do not need it with the a7iii and the wide angle low light sony lenses.

Although I love wedding, real estate videography has helped me develop in other areas that I don’t often use on a wedding. I believe over all it takes far more skill to shoot weddings, but there are skills you have to develop when shooting homes. I love doing both and feel it makes me a more well-rounded videographer. Ofcoarse part of our advantage in shooting real estate is the aerials, something we already are pretty skilled in. We will be doing some serious aerial and real estate shoots in August in New York City, shooting for Shutterstock. Although that will only be for 2 weeks, it will be just the beginning of a year long process in updating our aerial footage from around the country which will include a 2nd trip to California in January, so we are very excited about all of that. We are also developing in using 360 video, a technology that is starting to grow.

We are thankful for some of the new realtors in the area who have used us. For more information our services to shoot your property see our Real Estate Video & Photography Page. Our rates generally run from $295 – $595 depending on the size of your property, location, and what services you need.