Nova 535 Wedding in St Petersburg, Florida

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November 6, 2016 8:55 pm Published by

A Nova 535 wedding in St Petersburg, Florida of Michelle Badger & Alex Svitetskiy at the Bamboo Courtyard.  Photography done by our St Petersburg photographer, Joe, video done by Randy

Nova has some best bathrooms you will find, so nice that its probably the only venue that Joe and I try to get shots of bride in bathroom with the marble walls and mirrors. The Bamboo Courtyard provides a nice tropical atmosphere for the wedding ceremony with a canopy of trees over head. At the right time of day the sun provides a nice glow with the trees in the background as you can see on the thumbnail picture in this video. Inside of Nova 535 the atmosphere is intimate and chique with its red brick and rustic atmosphere. For more information on weddings at Nova 535 see

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