Wedding on Yacht Sensation

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March 22, 2016 9:36 pm Published by

Yacht Starship Wedding on Yacht Sensation

Wedding on Yacht Sensation


Green-312What a great experience for the guests on this wedding on Yacht Starship’s Yacht Sensation in Clearwater Beach.

The Yacht Sensation currently docked in Clearwater is one of three ships run by Yacht Starship Dining Cruises. The ceremony took place on the 2nd floor which can hold up to 76 guests. The dining area can seat 80 passengers or less and second deck verandah can seat an additional 50 passengers. The Staff was incredibly nice, the wedding cordinator very helpful which made our jobs easy. Rain had threaten on the day of this cruise, but held off which allowed us to get some great pictures and video.

This the wedding of Chris & Christina, with the similiar first names, they were referred to as Chris Squared.  At the end of the ceremony as a suprise to the bride and groom the guests waved little signs that had Chris Squared on one side and a meaningful hand signal from their college alma mater.

Weddings on Yacht Sensation

If having a wedding on the Yacht Sensation or any dining yacht, it is important to have videographers & photographers who are very experienced.  It can be a challenging situation dealiing with tight spaces and backlighting issues.

Yacht Starship Weddings

We used 5 cameras for this wedding including two go pros which came in very handy being space was limited. We also used a drone for aerial shots. If using a drone on this ship you want a very experience pilot, because landing on a moving ship with heavy wind can be challenging, but as you can see the shots are worth it.

For information on having a wedding on the Yacht Sensation see  Yacht Starship Dining Yachts