Wedding at Lowry Park Zoo

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April 27, 2015 4:34 pm Published by

Rhinos Reserve Wedding at Lowry Park Zoo

Wedding at Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo WeddingAn exotic wedding at Lowry Park Zoo.  Katie & Curtis Abbott were married at Rhinos Reserve, a nice tropical tranquil ambient surroundings for the wedding ceremony. Where else can you get married, surrounded by Giraffes, Zebras, Pigmy Hippos, and other exotic animals.  After the ceremony, the bride and groom and their guests experienced Animal Encounters, a time after the ceremony where the guests, and the bride and groom get to touch and feed exotic animals such as a Meerkat, a Sloth, Giraffes, and more. You get to see this bride feeding the Giraffe which we shot both with a drone and ground level cameras, pretty cool (see video below).  “I never knew the Giraffe had such a long tongue, he sure loved the brides bouquet”.   This wedding reception was at Reilly’s Reserve which is a nice smaller tropical room which is in the Safari Lodge.

As if all this wasn’t enough, this wedding was in April when Lowry Park Zoo has “Zoominations” a Chinese Lantern Festival, which provided all kinds of specialized night lighting. Zoominations We have never done a wedding with a bride in a red dress, but this was the perfect atmosphere for it.   Zoominations is “an unforgettable journey through the ancient Chinese art of lantern sculpture with giant glowing pandas, zebras and mythical creatures”.  The people at Zoominations thought our bride was part of the attractions, with the red dress,  so at times it was alittle challenging for pictures, being everyone wanted to take a picture with the “lady with the red dress”.  If you are looking for an unique wedding venue, Lowry Park Zoo is the place.  We have shot many weddings here, and always enjoy it, there is so much variety for artistic wedding photography and the staff is always very friendly and helpful.  For information on weddings at Lowry Park Zoo see