Aerial of Niagra Falls

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September 11, 2015 8:23 am Published by

This is not necessarily wedding related, but it does show what we can do with a drone, or maybe show you a good location to go for your honeymoon, after the wedding.  I have always wanted to shoot a aerial of Niagara Falls, and on Tuesday that dream was fullfilled. See a view of Niagara Falls that you just cannot see from the ground.

This a great visual of the power of God, more than anything I’ve seen. Puts things in perspective of how little we are, “a mist that appears for a shot time and vanishes”, and how great and mighty God is. God’s invisible qualities, His divine nature are clearly seen from that which has been made.  I only had one day to shoot the falls, and I was lucky to get great weather on that day.