To Video or Not to Video?

January 21, 2014 1:35 pm Published by

written by one of our Brides Cindy McMillan

We are the couple who decided early on to not hire a videographer so we could afford to invite more family and friends. It wasn’t until a last minute deal from our venue that I finally was able to get my husband to agree. The result of this last minute decision is something that we both are very passionate about. You NEED Celebrations of Tampa at your wedding!   When asked by couples if we have any tips, Celebrations of Tampa is the first thing we both say.

Within 2 weeks we had a clip of our first look, a highlight video and a video of our bridal party dance and they looked like something out of a Hollywood video. The quality of the picture was light years better than any of the video our family captured. The editing was seamless. The attention to details from the venue and our theme was perfect.    I literally get chills watching his work. He found this incredible Celtic song to play over our video highlight. It is slow as you hear our minister speak in the beginning with shots of the venue, as it picks up you see shots of us getting ready, first look, walking down the aisle, then he adds clips of more audio, then the music picks up and you see shots of us dancing that makes it look like we were actually dancing to the drums and it is seriously beyond anything I ever imagined.    From the couple that thought you could get by without the video, we were wrong. You need it and deserve the best. Celebrations of Tampa is a call you should make right away.

 -Cindi McMillian wedding 09.20.13 at Cross Creek Ranch in Dover, FL (videographer-Randy)