Sky Lanterns

October 31, 2012 11:00 pm Published by

Sky Lanterns are becoming popular for wedding receptions and makes for great wedding video.    You want to light them in a area that is clear from trees, as they will tend to move horizontal in the direction of the wind.   You start with the lantern upside down, as you light the base, then as soon as it is lit, you turn the lantern over and hold it and wait for the gas to cause the lantern to rise.  It is good to have atleast 2-3 people per lantern.  They are great at the beach, however keep in mind that heavy winds can make it challenging for them to be lit.  This is a great form of entertainment for your guests and it also gets them participating in your wedding.  At a wedding we recently did, the bridal party lit a lantern for the deceased family members.  Ideally it is good to light atleast 20 to produce a neat effect of the glowing lights, gently rising into the night sky, just make sure you have 2-3 people per lantern to keep it safe.