Professional Videographer vs Camcorder Guy

July 30, 2013 1:27 pm Published by

Of all the services we do (Photography, Video, DJ),  it is probably the video that makes the biggest difference between hiring a professional versus having a friend film your wedding that we will call “Camcorder Guy” doing it.   Shooting wedding video is such a highly skilled craft, unlike photography, you cannot re-create the shot.  You get one chance, and you better be in the right place at the right time, or else that moment is gone forever uncaptured.  

There are also aspects to video such as audio and movement that you do not have with still photography.  A professional videographer is usually going to have equipment such as cordless mics, so that you can hear your vows very clear.   A professional videographer will also use equipment that will reduce erratic movement such as tripods, glide cams, etc.   Camcorder guy just has his beer.

The most important aspect is the skill and experience.   I would say that “the first 100 weddings I shot, were not good videos.  It took a hundred weddings to really develop the skill of anticipating events before they happened so you can be in the right spot at the right time”.  A professional wedding videographer is looking for that tear from your mother as you are dancing with your father, wheareas,  Camcorder Guy is focused on the pretty bridesmaid.  A professional videographer is going to give you video that you will proudly show your friends and family after the wedding.   Imagine your future kids, and their kids, being able to relive that special moment of your wedding.  We have a saying here at Celebrations of Tampa Bay that “people are more important than things”, it’s those precious moments, that you cannot re-create, that drives us to always be aware and alert to capture that emotional shot, which will make you video very valueable. 

There is also the issue of dress, a professional videographer will be dressed appropriately.  We try to match what we wear to your groomsmen, if they are in black, we like to wear black;  if they are in white & khaki, we like to be in white & khaki.  

When it comes down to the cost of your wedding, relatively speaking a Videographer is a small percentage of your expenses, yet along with your pictures, will be one of the two things you’ll have left when the day is over.  A professionally edited video with well framed steady shots,   cinematic effects like slow motion,  and the right music is sure to leave you with a greater appreciation for life.  Depending on the day of your wedding, we may be able to offer you a reduced rate or ceremony only video.   Camcorder guy might be free, and there is a cost to hiring a professional, but the precious moments you will be able to relive,  will be,  as the mastercard commerical says,  “Priceless”!.  Don’t give Camcorder Guy this great responsibility.