Processional Advice

March 25, 2013 2:59 pm Published by

There have been moments on weddings where our Tampa Photographers, could have captured some precious moments during the processional, but were prevented from doing so by some well-meaning people.   We have some advice, Free the Groom, Free the Dress, and Free the Ringbearer!

1) Allow the Groom to view his bride for the whole processional.  We have had some weddings where they keep the groom’s back to the bride as she approaches the aisle, and then only at the last few seconds, or when the bride reaches the actual aisle (which is usually not very long) do they let him turn around to see the bride.  This makes it very tough for us to get shots of his reaction as he sees his bride the first time in her dress.  In this particular wedding because we had 3 cameras, so we were able to get his face, but even then, we would have liked to have had a longer shot.  It barely gives us enough time to frame and focus the shot.   I got a great shot of him looking at the Pastor, but we would rather have him looking at the bride, even if she is off in the distance.   If the groom is allowed to view the bride, even as she is starting to come out off in the distance, then it gives us an opportunity to first shoot the bride as she appears, and quickly get the grooms reaction, then we can turn back around and have plenty of time to get great shots of the bride.  I will usually keep an eye on the groom,  so that if he is emotional, I may turn back around to capture his expression a couple of more times.  It is nice to be able to document that whole progression of  his emotions for one or two or even three minutes, rather than just 3 seconds as he turns around and “boom”,  she’s there.

2) Allow the train of your dress to drop during the whole walk as you start to walk out to your ceremony area during the processional.   We are capturing you with video & pictures as soon as we can see you, and sometimes the best shots are before you even approach the aisle.   This usually applies at non-church weddings, when you have to walk out alittle ways to get to where the chairs are set up.  If you have to do a 90 degree turn than we suggest to have your coordinator or assistant, wait at the spot where you’ll be making that turn, then when you arrive there, she can take 4 seconds, fluff your dress and then she can walk out of the shot.    This is the day that, that dress was created for, this is the moment, allow it to do it’s God-given purpose.  If you are walking with your father, we want shots of you and your father!,  not you, your father and your cordinator.

3)  Allow the Ringbearer & Flower Girl to do whatever they are going to do when they walk down the aisle.   I have had many situations where, the flower girl is just standing there, but you can see, she’s getting ready to do something unique or cute and then mommy or daddy comes in and picks her up and carrys or walks her down the aisle.  It totally ruins the precious candid shot, especially with video where you can see, the child thinking, and those next few seconds can provide some great precious moments.   Even if little Johnny just stands there, let him, atleast for 30 seconds or so.   Sometimes in weddings, its the things that don’t turn out perfect that end up being the most memorable.  If you have a Ringbearer or Flower Girl, tell his or her parents to hold off on picking them up,  when they are walking down the aisle.