Wedding at Hilton Clearwater Beach – A Reminder, Why I Do Video

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March 21, 2019 8:38 pm Published by

The highlight video on this wedding at Hilton Clearwater Beach is above, the Long Version, complete Wedding is below.

Being a wedding videographer is so much more than just a job for me, and this wedding was a reminder of that.  I see the wedding video as an appreciation of life.  On this wedding, the mother of the bride had terminal cancer, although the doctors are trying new procedures so there is hope, and I am praying for this person for a miracle.  On most weddings, I regularly have the thought in my mind that, the reactions, emotions, and expressions I’m capturing will be come more valueable over time goes by as people as we all do, eventually pass away.  It may be a morbid thought but its the circle of life.   When I see grandparents reacting to something, I jump on them (not literally, but with the camera).  To capture moments is what video is all about, both happy and sad.   The moment of the bride and her mother dancing at 5:40 and you see the emotion of knowing what they are facing, although sad, is precious.  I pray in this case, this mother is cured.  I am thankful that I have a job that brings some meaning to people, and helps them to apprciate life, because the fact us, unless Jesus comes back before our time is up, we will all have to face our own cross, the “d” word.

The destination Wedding of Amber Hoffard & Sean Rentz at The Hilton Clearwater Beach. Amber & Sean from Michigan having their wedding in early March. Sean is a Detroit Firefighter and Amber attending Oakland University. Their ceremony took place on the beach in front of the Sand Piper Deck officiated by Rev Rick Lackore wtih Sensational Ceremonies . Rick one of our favorite officiants, always very organzed and very helpful for photos & video.

After a great senset and a stunning dusk period on Clearwater Beach, the reception took place on the Sand Piper deck with one of our favorite DJ’s Frank Lebano. Probably one of the best emcees you will find.

Floral Design done by Amber’s mom Karen. Wedding Cake provided by Publix.

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