UK Wedding at Shephards Beach Resort

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August 28, 2017 9:56 pm Published by

A Destination wedding of Brenda Kenney & Shaun Kennedy from the United Kingdom at the Shephard’s Beach Resort shot by our photographers in Clearwater Beach.

The bride had originally wanted to take pictures near the Sandpearl.  We advised her that to walk that far would take a lot of time, time that we could be shooting and in addition the area around Shephard’s Beach Resort is ideal for beach wedding photography.  The Shephard’s Beach resort located at one of our favorite parts of Clearwater Beach. We love the rock jettys in this area, as you can see on the video it makes for great aerial shots with the drone.  It also has a great view of Sand Key Bridge which also provides a good background.  At sunset and during dusk, you can usually catch a sailboat, a pirate ship, or some other sea vessel to use in the background.  Another advantage to the beach area behind Shephards Beach Resort is there is not nearly the amount of public that you have from Opal Sands to the Sandpearl, due to the fact that there is no beach area infront of the Holiday Inn so your beach walkers tend to turn around there.  Sandy at Shephard’s Beach Resort is also great to deal with, she was the officiant on this wedding.

Joe who did the photography on this wedding did a great job at using light.  The stormy clouds in the background gaved us some unique cloud formations.  The light was much softer which we loved, and also provided a nice reflection of the ocean.  Joe also used some advanced lighting techniques with the picture at the top, but putting the flash behind the bride and groom.  This sounds pretty simple to do, but it takes an extremely talented photographer to balance the power of the flash between the remote flash and the flash on the camera so you get just the right amount of light.

Wedding at Shephards Beach ResortWe love the jetty of rocks in this part of Clearwater Beach because it allows for some spectacular aerial shots as you see with the drone.  I got wet a few times as I had to be on the rocks to be able to instuct the bride, but I didn’t want myself to be in the shots from the drone, so I was actually laying down as low as I could get on the rocks with the waves splashing me a few times.  While shoting with the ground level DSLR cameras I was lying on the beach as the waves were soaking my shirt, but it was worth it as you see the shots in the video of the bride walking down the beach toward the camera.   I know these are things few videographers or photographers will do, but it also we why we know have several venues on Clearwater Beach that refer us and allows us to keep shooting on America’s #1 beach.