Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding

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July 5, 2019 2:27 pm Published by

The Wedding of Jennie Bernhardt & Joshua Delgato at the Crystal Ballroom in Clearwater, Florida to the music of Dan + Shay’s song “Speechless”.

Jennifer & Josh have been friends for over 9 years and slowly fell in love. We have shot a few weddings at tthe Crystal Ballroom, but this was my first time being able to do pictures and video outdoors during daylight hours. They have a nice area with lake and wooden bridge with a deck, which makes for great photography & video. If having a wedding at The Crystal Ballroom in Clearwater, it is important to have experience photographer and videographers due to the lighting situation there. The ballroom, especially during the reception is filled with colored light which looks great with the eyes, but can be a nightmare for photography & video, if you have an inexperienced photographer. There is constant adjustments a videographer and photographer have to make while shooting as well as significant color corrections during editing. The staff at the Crystal Ballroom are always very friendly and helpful, always a pleasure shooting there. Crystal Ballroom has several locations around Florida including a new location opening up about a mile from our home base in Brandon, FL. About the only disadvantage of the Clearwater location is we cannot fly a drone because it is so close to St Petersburg/Clearwater Airport, but that can make it convenient for out of town guests and family. There are 2 nice reasonably priced hotels for family and friends and bride getting ready. The Marriott St Petersburg and the Hilton Carilon Park are both an easy 5-10 minute drive. We started with this bride at the Marriott St Petersburg. The Hilton Carillon Park of the 2 hotels probably has the better areas outdoors for photos & videos, although the Marriott St Petersburg has a nice indoor spiral staircase as you see on this video.

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