Chinese Ecuadorian Wedding at Kapok Gardens

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May 16, 2016 10:27 pm Published by

Wedding at Kapok Gardens Provides Stunning Aerial Video

Tina Cheung, a Chinese bride married Milton Macias from Ecuador on this wedding at Kapok Gardens in Clearwater.  The bride and groom did both Chinese & Ecuadorian traditions, shot by our videographers in Clearwater.

Wedding at Kapok Gardens

A great love story here. The groom, before he knew the bride, in 2008, posted a poem on facebook, hoping that Tina would notice it. One thing led to another, they met, and now married 8 years later. During this wedding ceremony he finishes that poem as he commits his life to hers.

Ecuadorian Wedding at Kapok GardensDuring reception there was a Chinese Tea Ceremony in which the bride and groom honor their parents. During the ceremony there was an exchange of coins (Arras). The parents of the bride and groom as well as their bridal party handed Milton 12 coins and the officiant handed him the 13th coin and Tina & Milton then exchanged them with each other. It symbolizes the groom recognizing his responsibility as a provider, and pledges his ability to support and care for the bride as he gives the arras to the bride.. The bride receives the arras showing her trust and confidence in the groom unconditionally with total dedication.

Kapok GardensThe Kapok Gardens is such a great area to use the drone, as you can see. What we did different in this wedding, that we had not done at Kapok Gardens, was flying the drone at night. The Gardens is so well let up, and the night time surroundings went well with the Chinese music we used at the end as the lights of Kapok Gardens disappear as the drone ascended into the night sky.  For a gallery of weddings at Kapok Gardens, see our Clearwater Photography Page.