Clearwater Beach Wedding at the Sandpearl

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March 6, 2017 2:30 pm Published by

Wedding of Kylie & Calem on the Gulf Lawn of the Sandpearl, shot by our videographers in Clearwater Beach . Kylie & Calem 2 very successful high achievers. Kylie a former Miss Florida, has a few of her other Miss Florida friends at the wedding. Calem a successful engineer and U.S. Marine. Have to see the groomsmen dance during the reception on this video, and the Cow that showed up afterwards.  The highlight video is above and the long version video below.

The Sandpearl as you can see in the aerial shots on this video provides a beautiful tropical atmosphere right on the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf Lawn is actually astroturf which is great because makes it easy to walk on, surrounded by a wooden boardwalk. For more info on weddings at this beautiful Clearwater Beach Venue see Sandpearl.

We also shot a Love Story for Calem & Kylie. (below)

Calem and Kylie both started 2016 ready to settle down with someone they could spend the rest of their lives with. On February 13, 2016, Kylie attended a “Galentine’s Day” Party. The only catch was that in order to attend you had to agree to sign up for an online dating site. Kylie thought it would be fun and decided on Calem signed up in hopes that God would finally deliver the one he had been looking for. In early March, Kylie was on her account and stumbled on Calem’s profile. Calem came home one day to find Kylie’s wink waiting for him in his inbox, and he was immediately was interested in her. They exchanged small messages back and forth on before Calem finally asked her for her phone number and called her. The first night, and the 7 days that followed there wasn’t a single night where they spoke less than 2 hours. Calem and Kylie could not get enough of each other. Finally after a week, Calem came home from a work trip and decided it was time to meet the Woman he knew he would spend the rest of his life with. As soon as he landed in Tampa, he drove to Orlando, and picked up rose petals and a card on the way. He laid rose petals outside of her door where they led straight to him who was waiting around the corner with the card. When he called her and asked her to come outside they finally saw each other in person for the first time. They couldn’t help but to wrap their arms around each other in disbelief that love could exist this early in a relationship. Kylie opened Calem’s card to read, “Are you ready for your last first kiss?” and they shared their first kiss. It was less than a week later when Calem and Kylie professed their love for each other. After that it was a tale of an amazing love story where neither Calem or Kylie expected to find something so amazing. It was just a couple of months later before Calem asked Kylie’s parents for her hand and marriage, and only a month after that when Calem started planning the proposal.

Calem was out in LA for work, but knew Kylie’s birthday was on July 22nd so he planned to use that to cover his plans. A month in advance he completed his plans to ask Kylie to marry him. He staged letters for each stage of the trip. 1) The initial letter to be delivered by her parents telling her that Calem was flying her out to LA the next day for her birthday 2) The letter on the flight to LA telling her about what she should expect, 3) when she landed in LA telling her that she had a spa appointment, and 4) a card for after the spa telling her what time to be ready and what to wear. Calem gave her the remaining cards in person after he met up with Kylie at the bar in the hotel. They had a drink at the hotel before being picked up by a private limo and being taken to the LA airstrip and given a personal helicopter ride of the entire LA area: the Santa Montica Pier, the Hollywood sign, Dodgers’ stadium, etc. The helicopter landed on top of the tallest building in downtown LA at sunset where Calem gave Kylie the final letter. He told her the last letter was about trust and enclosed a blindfold. After she was blindfold he made her take steps towards him while he was professing his vows to her with each step. Her last step he made her take off her blindfold, where he was down on one knee and he asked her to marry him. The remaining part of the night they had wonderful steaks at the best steak restaurant in downtown LA, and drove to the vineyards of California the next day to celebrate before their flight home.