Picking Music For Your Video

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December 19, 2018 8:38 pm Published by

We have purchased over a thousand Royalty Free Songs in the last 4 years and have put samples of the 38 best songs on this video. 22 of the songs are with Lyrics and 16 are instrumental. Being with weddings you typically want to add audio from the video (vows, toasts, officiant) it is good idea to use instrumental music atleast for some of the video.

Below is a list of the songs in the order they appear on the video and where you can find them to hear samples of the whole songs.

Sometimes the songs that may sound good on your ipod can be different from what may be good for a wedding. The mood & tempo of music being added to video has to fit with the mood and tempo of the song.

“All My Love” -Hollyn –

“Always” -Analog Heart –

“Background RnB” -Tanenmusic –

“Be Anything” -Tyler Williams

“Brand New” -Ben Rector –

“Cinematic Acoustic Classical Uplifting” – Shiny Beats

“Epic Cinematic” -Rockettrax –

“Everything To Me” -Homemadesoul

“Fair Weather” -Big Score Audio –

“Forever Starts Today” -Tim Halperin –

“Found A Heart” -Emily Hearn –

“From This Day On” -Tim Halperin –

“Heartbeats” -Analog Heart –

“Heights of Wonder” -Gyom –

“Hello Sunshine” -Gyom –

“Hope in Motion” – Tristan Barton

“House of Memories” -James Childs –

“I Get To Love You” -Ruelle –

“I Love You, I Love You” -Shaylee Simeone

“I Vow” -Homemadesoul –

“Kings” -Ryan Taubert – avaialble from The Music Bed

“Last Falling Leaves” -Chris Haigh available from Premium Beat

“Love You Like You’re Dreaming” -Tyler Williams – available from The Music Bed

“Magic Unfolding” – Big Score Audio – available on Premium Beat

“Orchestral Sentimental” -Malirec Studio – available from Envato Market

“Now & Always” -Brooke Annibale – available from The Music Bed

“Ready For Anything Now” -Tim Halperin – available from The Music Bed

“Smile” – Pala – available from Sound Strip

“Someone Like You” – Big Score Audio – available from Shutterstock

“The Watch” -Tristan Barton – available from Premium Beat

“Wandering Thoughts” -Dan Phillipson – available from Premium Beat

“Wedding Day” -Jon Troast – available at

“What We’ve Been Waiting For” – Tim Halperin – available from The Music Bed

“When I’m With You” – Ben Rector –

“Whereever You Go” -Cameron Ernst – available from The Music Bed

“White Dress” -Ben Rector – available from The Music Bed

“You Are Mine” -Secret Nation (Spencer Combs & Holley Maher) available on The Music Bed

“You Love Is My Home” -The Light The Heat – available from The Music Bed