A Case for Unplugged Weddings

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October 13, 2018 12:17 pm Published by

This is a recent wedding which shows why it is good to do an unplugged wedding. That is a wedding where you intruct the guest to please put away phones & cameras during the ceremony, or at a minimum to remain seat. In this wedding at IMG Accademy Golf Couse, I’m shooting video and have 5 cameras set up. The one camera I am shooting has an important shot of capturing the bride as she is walking over a bridge to walk down the aisle. No one is in front of that camera so guests either don’t notice it or assume because no one is there that it is not being used. You see 2 different guests step in front blocking the shot. As I’m running back after shooting the bride coming off the golf cart I notice a guest standing right in front of it and fortunately he moved out of the shot by the time the bride was walking over the bridge, otherwise this important shot would have been blocked. Although I had 4 other cameras, this was a key shot for the processional because it was the one area where the lighting wasn’t “spotty” (that is parts of shot in bright sun, and parts in dark shade”. Many brides will have a decorative sign that tells bridges this is a “Unplugged Wedding”, and/or have an officiant make an announcement “The bride has hired professional photographers/videographers and has requested for you to put away cell phones and remain in seats during ceremony. For the sake of your video and pictures, consider doing a “unplugged wedding”.

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