2 Rockers Get Married at Fl Rustic Barn

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April 12, 2019 1:40 pm Published by

Taylor loves movies, Dylan loves the Minnesota Vikings and they both love heavy metal. One of their first dates was at a Guns & Roses Concert. Therefore for the 2nd part of this highlight video at Fl Rustic Barn we used some heavy metal royalty free music in both the highlight video (above) and the teaser video (below).

I absolutely love shooting video at Florida Rustic Barn, especially with the drone. The aerial footage shows how beautiful this venue is. The first two weddings we shot this year at Fl Rustic Barn the weather was not so great very overcast, so I was thrilled to get a day of plenty of sunshine for this wedding. The ceremony area with the cathedral of trees is stunning. This is challenging, however, for video and phots when the sun is shining because of the “spotty” lighting of the sun peaking through the trees. It is important to have a photographer and videographer who are extremely skilled that can help minimize and negative effect on video and photos. The areas around Fl Rustic Barn during sunset is great as you can see the drone shot of the setting sun peaking through the trees. For more of our weddings at Florida Rustic Barn see our you tube playlist Florida Rustic Barn Weddings¬†

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