DJ Tips

Wedding DJ Qualities to Look For

When booking a Wedding DJ, there are some things you want to look for.   Watch out for the prideful, “full of himself” DJ, that has a name like “Jammin Joe”, or the quiet DJ who thinks his job is just to just play music.   Your Typical Wedding DJ tends to fall in one of two extremes.  Many high end DJs,  are very “flashy”, or  “showy” and love to be the center of attention,  hear themselves talk, and have this attitude “how glorious am I”.   On the other extreme you have many of your low end DJs, who camp out behind their messy equipment and don’t give any direction or leadership.    A DJ has to be a leader, one who is comfortable, making announcements, and guiding your guests, as well as all the vendors you have working for you, communicating with them, so that they know what is happening.   Our DJs are in the middle of those two extremes.    The first two hours before dinner and during dinner we are formal and elegant, When you make your grand entrance, you will hear an introduction that will get your guests excited when you walk in.   We say what we need to say, but also know when to shut up.    The last half of the reception (the dancing part), we are interactive and are very good at getting people on the dance floor.

 A big ego is the last thing a DJ needs, but unfortunately a common trait.    Many of them will have some hyped up name that they go by.   All of our four  DJs are here to serve you, so they don’t need an alter ego stage name, because it’s not about them, it’s about you, the Bride and Groom, and your guests.  You are the boss and we will do what you want, but we will also advise you from our years of experience; however the final decision is always yours.   As a wedding DJ you are trying to please a wide range of ages and ethnic groups, and someone may not like something you are playing, but you have to put your pride aside and be polite and courteous at all times.

 Although getting people on the dance floor is important, a good high end Wedding DJ has to be a good coordinator as well.   The DJ is the center of communication at a reception that your Caterer, Photographer, and Videographer will have to communicate with.   Your DJ can negatively affect your pictures or video by not giving them adequate notice so that they can properly prepare their cameras for an event.   They often negatively affect the flow of the reception by not communicating with the caterer about the toasts and cake cutting.

 The DJ who will make your wedding reception a big success is one who is friendly, flexible, and knows how to use his experience, with a great sense of timing to pull the potential out of any crowd regardless of age or ethnic group.   We hope this helps you, because whether you use us or a good DJ from another company, the better your DJ, the better your Video and Photography will come out, as well as having a fun, yet organized reception.  The DJ will make or break it.