Wedding on Yacht Starship IV

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April 10, 2019 1:18 pm Published by

This is a good example of how well things will go when a timeline is followed and the bride gets dressed early enough to allow for good pre-ceremony pictures. In preparing for this wedding, I had a little concern being the pre-ceremony was in St Pete & ceremony and reception on Clearwater Beach during Spring Break. Our office manager Stephanie created a timeline, which the bride followed. As a result, we had plenty of time for pictures with the bride in her dress at The Hilton Carillon Park in St Pete and was able to arrive at Starship IV to do the preparations we needed for video and photography on the Yacht. I often find myself in situations, especially with the video where we get very little shots of bride in her dress before the ceremony, and the ones we get are extremely rushed. We always need atleast 30 minutes at ceremony site prior to wedding to set up and adjust our cameras & settings. On Yacht Starship we need atleast 45 minutes when there is video because of mounting a GoPro (which probably has the best angles of all our cameras) as well as slightly adjusting seats to accomodate our tripods and 3-4 other cameras. Thanks to the bride being prepared, this wedding went so smooth and really allowed us to give her great photos & video. The Highlight Video is at top and  Teaser video at bottom.

I was excited to do Starship IV.  We have done photography on this ship, but was my first time personally being on this ship to shoot video.  Starship IV is a brand new ship, was putting into service a little over a year ago.  It is much bigger that the Yacht Sensation, previously docked in Clearwater Marina, now in Tampa.  It is about the same size at Starship II but it feels like there is more room because it is wider, whereas, Starship II is longer.  Being I had not shot in this ship, I didn’t know how mounting the goPro would work.  It is tricky, however it worked out great, probably had the best angle of any of the 6 cameras we were using on this wedding.  You just can’t beat the atmosphere for weddings on any of the fleet of 4 Yarcht Starship Yachts, see Yacht Starship, for more information see

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