Look at Each Other

We wrote an article about this last year, but it’s worth repeating. When getting married, LOOK AT EACH OTHER DURING YOUR VOWS & RINGS!. I was reminded about this on a wedding we did last Saturday at Nova 535.  I had 4 cameras set up, everything was going smooth, I was excited, knowing I was getting some good emotions from the bride and groom, then it was time for the vows.  The groom ask the officiant, “do I need a mic”, and I was thinking, oh no, here we go again, a great emotional vow being ruined by the mic, but then a breath of fresh air came (as you see in this video), the bride instructed the groom “look at me”.  “Hallelujah!” I said to God.  Even after he starts his vows, a guest shouts out “talk into the mic”, the brides gives an expression “no”, and the best man who knew what the brides wishes were, calmly states to the groom, “that’s ok, keep going” (see 1st video below).   As a result of this bride understanding her priorities,  we were able to get some great emotional pictures and video of a bride committing their lives to each other before God in this sacred moment (see 2nd video below).  If we are providing the video service, you are going to have great audio for the vows on video (as you can see on the finished video below), so that you can relive the moment over and over again for years to come and all those guests will be able to also hear the vows as we post the video on the internet. 

In addition to looking at the mic, some brides and grooms tend to look at the officiant while they are repeating the words for the vows, but you are not marrying the officiant, you are marrying each other. Be in the moment, yes its been a long road getting to the vows, the engagement, planning the wedding, all the preparations, but this is the moment all that was for;  so relax, forget about all other concerns,  and focus on your fiancée, now becoming your spouse.  The best solution is for the officiant to hold the mic for the bride and groom, but if not its best not to contort your body to be talking into the mic, just focus on each other and enjoy the moment.