Ceremony Music

Once you book, we will give you a Bridal Folder that will have a worksheet for the ceremony music.   You are welcomed to give us songs that you may want for your ceremony.  We have different themes, 1.a “Tropical Theme” which is a combination of Steel Drums & Steel Guitar Music.  A “Renaissance Theme”, a combination of Celetic & Colonial style music, and 3. a “Traditional Theme” a combination of string quartet, solo guitar, harp, flute, solo piano.   Unlike many DJs who will play organ music for outdoor weddings, we try to match up the music with the location of the wedding.   Usually guitar, harp, flute, strings are more fitting for a outdoor setting.  All the ordinary ceremony songs, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Air, Cannon in D, Ave Maria, Bridal March, we have in atleast 9 different versions, so whatever is the style of music you like, just let us know and we’ll provide it.  The following is our standard Ceremony Playlist.

Parents Seating: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” – guitar version
Bridesmaids : “Cannon in D” – string quartet version 
Bride Processional: “Bridal March” Jonathan Cain
Exit: “Viva La Vida” – Vitamin String Quartet 

Is your wedding at a beach or a place where there are no elecrical outlets, no worries. We have a battery system that is very powerful, so we don’t need electricity to provide music for you.
When you book our ceremony music, we will also provide a mic and a mic stand for the officiant, however, it is better for your video and pictures if your officiant can hold the mic because than the stand is not in the pictures and also the bride and groom will be looking into each others eyes instead of leaning over to talk in a mic. Also when an officiant holds it, he tends to talk closer to the mic, which will give you better sound. You may ask why don’t we use a Lavelier Mic (thats a mic that attaches to the shirt)? On outdoor weddings those mics pic up a lot of wind noise whereas the cordless handheld mics handle the wind noise much better.