Wedding at Timber Pines Lodge

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August 18, 2017 10:54 pm Published by

Wedding at Timber Pines LodgeWedding of Toni Agricola & Jimmy Rich at Timber Pines Lodge in Spring Hill, FL. A very creative Circus Themed reception, some unique items at the reception you do not typically see at a wedding, so we had some fun with it on the video.  As we entered the reception area starting to shoot the details, we kept on hearing this very loud noise sounding like something heavy was being dropped.  It would happened about every 30 seconds.  I just thought maybe the caterers were setting up in the kitchen or somthing.  We didn’t pay much attention to it at first as we were busy shooting the details.  We eventually realized it was a “strength test” machine, you often see at a circus or county fair.  The guest would swing a sledge hammer against a rubber pad which forced a steel ball to come up and hit a bell.  How cool was that?The Bar Tenders were under red and white big top style tents.  Kracker Jacks and Animal Cookie boxes part of the certain pieces on the guests’ tables.

The ceremony took place at Timber Pines Lodge   and the reception at Timber Pines Country Club.

Our Photographer Jamie did the photography, Randy was the Videographers, and Chance was the DJ.