Wedding at Lange Farm – Ashley & Steven

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June 21, 2017 11:14 pm Published by

So much of great wedding photography is dependant upon having a bride who is willing and cooperative, which is what we had on this Wedding of Ashley & Steven at The Lange Farm in Dade City, Florida, shot by our videographers in Pasco County.  We always have so much energy and excitement going into each wedding, but many times find ourselves alittle disappointed when the bride just really isn’t excited or doesn’t have the energy to do much with photos.  We were just thrilled on this wedding to have plenty of time, and a bride like Ashley who was up for anything.  If you are having a wedding at Lange Farm it is important to allow plenty of time for photography to take full advantage of this beautiul Pasco County Wedding Venue.

The Lange Farm is such a great venue for wedding photography and video. There is some much rich nature scenery, and when you have a beautiful and cooperative bride like Ashley, as well as adequate time for photography, it made for a fun wedding for Yaroslav, Todd, and Randy.

The girls have a nice fairly spacious bridal suite to get ready in. The Antique Barn with its greyish blue color makes for a great background for almost any wedding color. We did the first look on the back side of the Garden House along the rock wall which allows great depth of field with a variety of greenery. There are 2 little bridges which also make great areas for photos. Ashley was such a great bride, we even asked her to stand on the swing and she was totally up for that.

We use the drone at Lange Farm different than we typically do. Due to all the plush trees (which by the way are great on a hot day, provides plenty of shade), flying high shooting down, just does not provide any good aerials as much of the grounds is covered by the trees. Therefore we shoot at about 9-20 feet moving horizontally along the property underneath the trees. It takes a skilled drone pilot to avoid crashing into the branches, but really provides great cinematic shots if done correctly.

Our photographer Yaroslav did most of the pre-ceremony shots, and Todd did the formals after the ceremony as well as the reception. Yaroslav, from The Ukraine, always makes it for for the bridal party. Todd is a great at moving people along quickly during the formals. For more of our still photography on weddings at Lange Farm see our Pasco Photography Gallery .  The entertainment provided by DJ by CJ who always has a great lighting show, which really helps with the video, provides great backgrounds with the flashing lights.