Indian Hindu Ceremony by Drone

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November 24, 2015 1:31 pm Published by

Indian Wedding at Innisbrook Resort

Indian Hindu Ceremony Palm Harbor from Celebrations of Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

Groom Arrives on Horse at Indian Hindu Ceremony

The old world and new world combine on this This Indian Hindu Ceremony of Gaurav & Padma Gandotra at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. All the traditional Indian Customs which dates back many years, yet shot by a modern drone by Tampa Photographer

Gaurav begun the Baraat (the grooms arrival for the ceremony), riding a horse into Inverness hall accompanied by friends & family. When the groom and his party arrives at the wedding site, the bride’s parents, friends and family greet him by throwing handfuls of special rice (akshat) at him The horse provided by Downtown Horse & Carriage After some singing and dancing the groom is escorted to the beautiful mandap (a canopy) where the ceremony begins.

After 15 minutes is the Vadhu Aagman (arrival of bride), where Padma, is escorted in by her family preceeded by her beautiful bridesmaids wearing gold & burgundy saris. At the mandap (canopy) an antarpat (a sheet) separates the bride and groom as a symbol of their separate existence prior to the marriage.

We used a drone for some parts of the ceremony and shot other parts with a DSLR camera. For the Havan & Rajaham, where the bride and groom throw rice into the Agni (the sacred fire), the wind from the drone was blowing out the fire so we have to back off during that point. The drone was great for capturing the Saptapadi, where the bride and groom take seven steps together to reiterate their aspirations of their married life. We used the DSLR camera for the Jaimala (the exchange of garlands), which is a gesture to each other and a pledge to respect one other as partners.

We specialize in Indian weddings. If considering video and photography for an Indian Wedding it is absolutely important to hire a photographer & videographer who are not only experienced with Hindu ceremonies, but also ones that are able to move quickly and discreetly. With the parents and bridal party sitting in a very small area, a photographer really has to know how to squeeze into tight places in order to get the emotional pictures. See our website for more of our Indian Weddings

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