Albanian Wedding at IMG Academy Golf Club

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May 22, 2017 7:30 pm Published by

Albanian WeddingThe Albanian Wedding of Rachel Connolly & Kujtim Spata at IMG Academy Golf Club in Bradenton.  A stunningly beautiful bride with very fun loving Albanian people, as well as a nice setting made this a great wedding to shoot.  The wedding cake actually fell before the ceremony with some of it falling onto the floor.  The family kept this a secret from the bride not wanting to make her upset.  Somehow, a couple of the family members patched up the cake so well, you could not even tell it had been damaged.  We had shot it on the video when it was damaged, and we had our projector set up to show the video footage we had shot, but I accidentally forgot to delete the part of the video with the damaged cake.  I realized this when just before intros we were playing the video and the guests reacted to that shot of the video.  I immediately went to erase those clips thinking the bride would not want that to be shown, but they asked me to add that all back in because they thought it was funny.  So we had the two girls who were the ones who fix the cake, stand behind the cake, during the cake cutting to act like they were holding it up.

IMG Academy Golf Club is great for wedding photography. As you can see in this video they have some gorgeous oak trees as well a quaint wooden bridges which provide great backgrounds. The ballroom provides a pictureesque view of Sarasota Bay. The lobby area provides a elegant stair case with a beautiful floor to ceiling window which we used for pre-ceremony shots of the bride. For more information on this wedding venue in the Sarasota area see IMG Academy Golf Club Weddings.